Friday, October 14, 2011

How to shorten your Google+ profile url

Google plus logo One of the most amazing social network, Google plus which is now open for all (no need of invite) is dominating the world of social networks because of its wonderful features.

One lovely feature is the hangout which lets you make a chat room for selected people in your circles. You can video chat and do a whole lot of cool stuffs.

But there's this story that google plus is not yet filled with people that'll make it lively. Why? The answer given was that "the link to a user's profile is always too long thereby making it difficult to share with friends both new and existing"
I reasoned with this answer and made research on how to solve this issue.

If you notice. your url contains some numbers which you may not definitely remember off heart. I have gotten a good site for you to shorten your Google+ profile url. What you just need to have right now is your normal profile url. Try to paste the full url somewhere and visit then input the required fields and create your customised Google+ profile url.

After creating your short profile url, it will automatically redirect to your Google+ profile.

You can now easily share your customise and easy to remember profile url.

You can add me to your google plus circles.

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